Goodbyes at Christ Church, my last day in Vienna!

Goodbyes at Christ Church, my last day in Vienna!

My last day at Christ Church was bittersweet! Looking forward to returning home, but also so grateful for the beautiful community formed at Christ Church, and the many friends I have made there! This was also the 80th birthday of Hyacinth Österlin (pictured here), a true pillar of the church, who I came to love and admire. Patrick asked me to preach on my penultimate Sunday, which was a real privilege (my theme was on the nature of faith and doubt and “loving the questions”).

CHOIR! This Sunday I was able to return to the choir loft and be with my special buddies “upstairs.” From choir I’ll especially remember: toasty feet and freezing fingers; reading the music from one book and the text from another (all in British variations); Andrew and “the TEXT, the TEXT, the TEXT!” and “a little T in our D”; Jack and “Steady as you go”; Judith darling; Christina “Meeeeow!”; Johanna keeping us on track with the biscuits; Bill and the Tombola gift; Christmas carols at the bazaar; Daniel’s gentle spirit; Neil my fellow American!; Maria Christina and being altos together; Lucille and mad dashes across the street; Malcolm and Gabi and walks to the U; singing “God Save the Queen” on Remembrance Day!

I also said farewell to Frank Sauer (pictured below), a PhD candidate and teaching assistant in the Catholic Theological Fakultät of the UniVie, who organized for me to have a delightful Stammtisch about pastoral and practical theology earlier in January – good luck on your dissertation, Frank!
1-26 Pam and Frank Sauer


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