I almost forgot to post photos from our day trip to Salzburg! The Museum was on skeleton staff the days between Christmas and New Year’s, and we took advantage of local knowledge on Jan. 30 to take a much cheaper private train company Westbahn (not the ubiquitous state train service, the ÖBB) from Westbahnhof to Salzburg. TRAVEL TIP: Check this out at We had lunch at a charming Italian restaurant in the town square near Mozart’s birth house, and then went to see that iconic place. Much has changed since I was there over 30 years ago – the museum has kept up with the times, and has more and better interpretation.
Mozart Gebursthaus Salzburg

Mozart portrait in Mozarthaus Salzburg

Sadly, much of what is on display is reproduction, considering the originals too valuable and/or fragile to show continually. Nevertheless, the atmosphere of the house is modest and charming and helps visitors imagine what it was like to be there in the 18th century. (The tall turquoise thingie standing in the background of the piano photo is a ceramic room heater – still being used well into the 20th century. Freud’s family had many at Berggasse 19.) The museum also does a nice job with some miniature historic stage sets for Mozart’s operas, where you can also hear excerpts in a relatively soundproofed cavern built around each one.

12-30 Mozart kitchen
Mozart family room Salzburg
Mozarthaus view Salzburg

Pam in Mozarthaus with replica of Mozart's pianoforte

Here is a view of the courtyard, which looks much as it did in Mozart’s time (except I imagine the smells are much nicer now – there are heavenly cooking smells from the fine restaurant below)
12-30 Mozart Geburtshaus courtyard

Of course, Mozart memorabilia is everywhere – especially around the Mozartplatz, which is at the center of a charming shopping district on the very old streets that wind and curve according to the shape of the river nearby. Yes, these are Mozart duckies! And a giant Mozart Kugel. 12-30  Mozart duckies Salzburg giant Mozart Kugel


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