Salzburg from Hohensalzburg fortress

Salzburg from Hohensalzburg fortress

After Mozart’s birthplace, we wanted to appreciate the beautiful scenery around Salzburg, and catch a view of the Alps. Slightly confused by the map from the train station, we ended up circumambulating the small mountain/very large hill where the Salzburg fortress has held the high ground since 1077. (

We were huffing and puffing a bit by the time we reached the top, and it was the only time we got a little cranky(!) – we don’t like being confused! But the views were breathtaking. We did indeed see the Alps, and a beautiful panorama of the entire town.
12-30 Alps and rooftops from castle Salzburg

12-30 Pam at castle with Alps

12-30 Pam and Michael on mountain in Salzburg

There is a beautiful view of the Dom (Cathedral) from this same vantage point.

12-30 Dom

12-30 Michael on mountain at Salzburg

We strolled around the fortress grounds, where there is lots to see, especially on such a beautiful, warm sunny day.
12-30 Salzburg castle

12-30 Shadows at Salzburg castle high color and contrast

And just so he wouldn’t be too homesick for Gettysburg, Michael found a cannon!

12-30 Michael and cannon in Salzburg

The whole time we’d been searching for the Funicular train to get us up to the fortress, and then realized we’d walked the whole way up – but found it and enjoyed the quaint bumpy ride back down!


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