Salzburg Cathedral and “Sphaera”

It was a quick walk from the Funicular to the Cathedral square (“Domplatz”), where there is a unique sculpture of a man standing atop a giant gold globe. The globe is an art project of the Salzburg Foundation, created in 2007 by artist Stephan Balkenhol without interpretation. He created a female counterpart, a statue of a woman in a rock niche “Frau im Fels” on Toscaninihof (which we didn’t see). You can read more about the sculpture at,en/. The sculpture is compelling for its sheer size, the ancient mysteriousness evoked by a golden orb with an unrelieved and muted reflective surface (which dimly reflects the cathedral and other surrounding buildings), and the evocativeness of the lone figure in shirtsleeves – is he a modern man, Everyman, lonely man? His expression does not give away any clues. The artist has written, “”My sculptures tell no tales. In them something mysterious hidden. It is not my task to reveal it, but the viewer to discover it.” ( In this photo below, you can see the other side of the town square with the fortress looming above it in the background. Just a little to the right of the sphere (double-click to enlarge the image) you can also see the Funicular train car making its way up the track – it’s the little white rectangle on the tracks, to the right of a brush-covered hill, between a simple stone station building and the larger fortress wall above it.
12-30 globe statue with castle and funicular Salzburg


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