Medieval Bern & St. Christopher Underground

Medieval Bern

While the Civil War was raging in America, a very large wooden St. Christopher was “fighting for his life” in Bern. Beneath the Bahnhoff (main train station), in the underground, are examples of the medieval city walls, and this statue, a copy of the head of St. Christopher whose wooden body once was almost 10 meters tall and towered over the city in the 15th century. In 1864 most of the statue was chopped up as fuel for the poor, for the sake of “modernization.” (The original head is in the Bern History Museum.) Next to the psychedelic lighted walls is a very nice modern tavern. The Hauptbahnhoff contains many shops and cafes, and an entrance to a huge, wonderful bookstore “Thalia,” connected to Bern’s most famous department store, Loeb’s. For more on poor St. Chris, see


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Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor of Psychology and Religion, Union Theological Seminary, New York NY
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