Spittelberg district

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Behind the MQ is the 7th district, which includes a small warren of medieval cobblestone streets. The area hosts a street fair from spring through fall, and the sidewalk cafes all look inviting. Best meal so far – and truly unique – was with my new Fulbright friend, Dr. Judith Solomon (psychology fans – she’s the person who discovered the phenomenon of “disorganized attachment” within attachment theory) – a lovely and very sharp colleague and compadre here in Vienna! We went in this district to “Restaurant 1070” on Gutenburggasse. They ask you what you can’t/won’t eat, and then bring you a surprise menu. Hors d’eouvre, soup and a fish dish come as prix fixe, and then you can add on (which we did – a meat dish and dessert!) All the dishes were tapas-size, so not overwhelming, and all fresh, local, and beautifully presented. Our menu included a mushroom tapenade with sprigs of frisee, a white pumpkin soup with one perfect truffle gnocchi, a crispy mackerel with vegetables, two tiny venison filets with potato gratin, and a chocolate mousse with tart local berries for dessert. Of course we also had to try another local Grüner Vertliner wine and some coffee. I rarely go into such detail about meals, but this one was truly memorable! To see more about the restaurant, go to the link: http://www.restaurant-1070.com/.


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Christiane Brooks Johnson Professor of Psychology and Religion, Union Theological Seminary, New York NY
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